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We love where we live.


Who Are We?

Interest initially started with a group of Sierraville, "Randolph," Sattley and outlying area residents who are lucky to call the beautiful Sierra Valley our home. is all about neighbors helping neighbors.


We are a diverse group that has found common ground regarding local concerns.  Once a consensus among community members has been confirmed, we look at what we can do and figure out how to get it done.  It's pretty much that simple.  

We approach projects with a sense of humanity.


We have found success working with local agencies, but the real action happens as neighbors show up, some in vehicles, others on a bike, with work gloves, rakes and shovels...whatever is make our small corner of the Sierra Valley a better place for all.  We are not an organization that promotes tourism or a homeowners association creating or enforcing CC&Rs.  We simply live in the Sierra Valley, and we love it here. also serves to get the word out about things going on that either might affect us or that might be of interest.


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Where can I get a sticker?

We've just printed more, that have the We Love Where We Live taken off so it's simply a die-cut sticker.  They are free!  Email if you want one!  

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