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"Slow the Fast Down"

Sierraville residents have a BIG voice when it comes to addressing folks who travel through our small town, especially on busy weekends.

A good number of creative homemade signs have sprung up over the past couple of years along S. Lincoln and Main Street asking drivers to slow down. It's clear that residents have a sense of humor while asking those passing through to not think of Sierraville as a main highway, even though we get it. You're actually traveling on Highway 89 or 49. But this is where many families live.

Drivers of vehicles and motorcycle riders who like to step on the accelerator or burn rubber are definitely a problem for those who make our home here. Hopefully, these awesome signs help to drive home a really important message:

Slow down! You're driving through a neighborhood!

More signs would help to inform those who really need to see them.

Some signs are just put out on weekends. Others have been removed or just didn't make it -- maybe they have been beaten up by the weather. The "very kind" sign is gone. Perhaps a well-meaning Realtor advised their client to take the sign down so that prospective buyers don't ask questions about traffic speeding by the house, since that home recently went on the market.

Thanks go out to Sheriff Fischer and the Sierra County Sheriff officers for placing the unstaffed sheriff's vehicle at the western entrance to town. For all of you who live along these roads, encourages you to continue making signs and getting them out there.

Photos taken by Katie Shaffer and Kelsi Jones.


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