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Community Meeting Recap

Sierraville Community meeting April 6, 2016 Sierraville Community School Sierra County's Tim Beals and Sierra County supervisor, District 3 Paul Roen met with 41 attendees who gathered to address issues involving community appearance. Residents' property rights versus how neighbors are affected was discussed.The Sierra County code violation enforcement process was outlined and advice was offered regarding how residents can work with the county, and with state agencies to address issues.

The focus of the concerns brought forward included a discussion about a few situations in town, including several that pose health or safety concerns and one where the property owner may not have the resources to correct issues. The complexities of an asbestos removal project were discussed, and a question about what is currently going on with the Sierra Super Stop was addressed. The group discussed holding a community clean up day. Attendees also had questions about tire disposal, and the idea of holding a separate tire amnesty day was brought up. Complexities involved with such efforts were discussed. One of the most positive outcomes of the meeting involved a discussion about how neighbors can help neighbors work through cleanups that are mutually beneficial “with a sense of humanity” and offers of help. A very evident cooperative spirit was displayed by meeting attendees. Residents expressed a willingness to volunteer and to assist neighbors. Additionally, there was high interest in coordinating a community clean up event. Enthusiasm was also expressed for future meetings to further promote community ideas, monitoring the success of the effort, and continued communication with the County. Overall, there was a lot of positive energy and ideas that came out of the meeting including the following next steps:

  1. Form a community group

  2. Look into a not-for-profit designation for this community group

  3. Form a steering committee to guide efforts and make recommendations

  4. Pursue fundraising

  5. Organize a community clean up day

  6. Look into executing an asbestos removal/demolition project

  7. Organize a tire amnesty day

  8. Promote the hazardous material drop off day in Portola, open to Sierra County residents

  9. Keep residents up to date on efforts via email updates

  10. Continue to communicate with Tim Beals and Paul Roen

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