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Community Chipping Day June 12

The Sierraville Firewise Community is hosting a FREE Chipping day on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at the Rodeo Grounds in Sierraville. To participate, send an email to with a request to have either a morning or afternoon time slot to bring your material to be chipped. He will then reach out with some guidelines and a specific time slot.

Thank you to Cindy and Lacey Maddalena for use of the Rodeo Grounds, and to the Sierraville Recreation Association, who are paying for the rental of the chipper.

To date, there are only two sign ups, and they are in danger of having to cancel the chipping day. Chipping your material is a much better option than bringing it to the landfill for burning. It will supply some ground cover for the Rodeo Grounds, and mean less smoke in the air. PLEASE SIGN UP NOW!

Join the Sierra County Fire Protection District 1. Volunteer firefighting is a rewarding and valuable way to serve your community. Your community could use your help.


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