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Firewise Community Assessment

On behalf of Mike Blide –

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick recap of yesterday's Community Assessment. Ryan Tompkins assembled an excellent contingent of fire professionals who did assessments of three different communities, Loyalton Pines, Sierraville, and Calpine. The goal was to identify our community's vulnerabilities, strengths, and needs as it relates to wildfire preparedness. This was not a detailed look at specific properties, but rather an overall view of the town and the characteristics that make it vulnerable to wildland fire events. From the information gleaned in the assessment, the Firewise Committee (now joined by Shelly Wright!) will begin the process of creating a three year action plan to include community outreach and education, as well as digging into the hands-on work of fuels reduction. It was a very informative and productive day, and we are grateful to Ryan and the excellent crew he assembled including Shane Vargas and other Cal Fire professionals, Eric Petterson and his USFS peers, and our own Mick Connolly from SCFPD.

Pasted below is a map of our preliminary Firewise boundary and some photos of the day. We hope to reach out to all of these property owners so that everyone is on board. That said, please let me know if you can share email information about anyone within these boundaries that has not been put on our list. That would save us from going through snail mail to contact them. Thanks! Mike


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