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Petition Regarding Lack of County Code Enforcement

A group of local citizens have taken it upon themselves to address Sierra County planner, Tim Beals and our County supervisor, Paul Roen, asking them to sternly address property owners whose properties have fallen into disrepair. 

Beyond being unsightly, a handful of Sierraville homeowners are violating sanitation codes by various activities including housing numerous occupants, some who utilize the creek that runs past many backyards as an inappropriate substitute for nonworking septic systems. Because we assume that our followers care about the state of things here in Sierraville, we wanted to let you know that there's a movement afoot to address concerns over problematic choices made by a few neighbors. If you would like to join the effort and sign your name to a simply stated petition that will be presented to Tim Beals and Paul Roen asking them to take action in regard to persistent issues, please email with your name. The petition will simply ask for help from the County powers-that-be to step in and address and enforce the existing codes that unabated, create eyesores that everyone else is expected to tolerate. 

In the past five years, solutions to similar issues have been tackled but clearly not solved by organizing a Town-wide clean up day. Tim Beals and Paul Roen both got involved and arranged for fees to be waived at the waste transfer station and/or the dump.  We then witnessed a mobilization of well-meaning, willing residents who came out with rakes, garbage bags, backhoes, trucks, lawnmowers and more to haul stuff left at the end of driveways or to clean up yards. Separately, one home in particular was addressed by a group of volunteers who helped dismantle a crumbling garage with asbestos siding. They also obtained a County permit for structure demolition and arranged for transfer of the hazardous material to the Lovelock, Nevada landfill and more.   There's a lot that can be accomplished if we join forces. If having your name listed as a concerned citizen on a petition as described above interests you, please let us know! The final petition wording will be circulated individually to each person who agrees to have their name included, prior to submission to the County.


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