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Sierra County Chipping Program Helps with Defensible Space

Danielle Bradfield, a registered professional forester working with the Sierra County Fire Safe Council on their Residential Chipping program has let us know that a contractor (High Sierra Fire, out of Janesville), can start residential chipping next week – as early as Monday, September 19.

Their plan is to start with West Willow, and possibly also the Sattley area. Danielle needs anyone planning to participate to call or email her, and then have piles placed at the ends of driveways on Monday morning by 9 a.m. or so. 

They will plan to set a date for a “second pass” through the area later in the season, if there is interest. 

Below is Danielle's contact info:

Danielle E. Bradfield Registered Professional Forester #2808 North Valley Resource Management P.O. Box 1411 Quincy, CA. 95971 (530) 927-7095 (cell)

Please call or email her if you want to participate. Residents will need to get their piles to the end of their driveway, large end of material facing the street so it can be safely handled by the crew and chipped. Also, there's a form that needs to be completed.  However, since time is tight, even if Danielle has not yet received your completed participant form (but she has been alerted to the fact that you have a pile waiting for pick up), and as long as she can track you down after the fact to receive your completed form, that works too. Danielle says:  "That is often how this goes, and I’ll just make it work so we keep the chipping crew moving and get piles chipped." It sounds like local folks might have a yard project on their list of things to do this weekend.


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