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Sierraville Firewise Update

While the relentless winter storms may serve to ease anxiety about the upcoming summer's wildfire potential, do not be fooled. There is some serious mortality in our forests, therefore residents need to remain vigilant and continue to work hard to keep the community safe.

Toward that end, the Sierraville Firewise Community leaders will be meeting this week to update the three-year Action Plan. They were mostly successful in fulfilling Year One goals, and will be adjusting Year Two goals, and adding more items to subsequent year objectives. Your help is needed. If there are things you would like to address to better prepare for or prevent wildfire, please email Mike Blide at with ideas and requests.

The Action Plan is centered around four main topics: Education and Outreach, Home Hardening, Fuels Reduction, and Evacuation Planning/Wildfire Preparedness. Please look over the current plan and provide suggestions for improvement. The committee will be introducing the updated version at their May community meeting.

If you know of any new residents to Sierraville, or know of any current residents who are not yet on the Sierraville Firewise list, please have them reach out to Mike Blide.


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