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Summary of the Disaster Preparedness meeting held on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

Meeting Highlights:

  • New county efforts toward wildfire preparedness include working closely with other agencies like USFS and CalFire to plan for wildfire scenarios.

  • County Mutual Aid Agreements with the Tahoe National Forest, Cal OES, all the regional Fire Districts, SPUD and SCWW Calpine, CA.

  • Success in tapping into specific projects in Loyalton together with the SYRCL (South Yuba River Citizens League) for restoration and thinning work in the Yuba River watershed. This uses money from timber sales in thinning projects to stay local and fund the planting of deciduous trees in the watershed.

  • Awarded a grant of $36,300 for two standby generators.

  • Efforts to pre-position local resources (engines, dozers, water trucks) to ensure protection in the event of a local wildfire.

  • Recent funding for a fuel reduction effort on public lands in the Randolph Wildland Urban Interface bordering West Willow in Sierraville.

  • Large Animal Evacuation program— there is an effort to fund, identify and install some infrastructure at a site in the county to enable persons with livestock to move to safety in the event of a disaster. More information will be made available as this comes to fruition.

  • Strong interest in National Fire Protection Association. Designed to involve residents in helping create landscapes and defensible spaces that are more resistant to wildfire. Loyalton has this program and Sierra City is in the process of pursuing it.

  • Begin the process to designate Sierraville as a FireWise community.

  • Sign up for emergency notification alerts

Organizers: Paul Cueto and Sara Wright. A special thanks to Tim Beals, Paul

Roen, Tracy Schohr, Tom Rowson and Tom Archer for their contributions.


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