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Tour de Manure Metric Century UPDATE

Sierra Valley’s Tour de Manure Will Not Stage an Event In 2023.

The Tour de Manure Metric Century, held annually in Sierra Valley, will be on hiatus during 2023. An enthusiastic effort was put forth by a couple of organizations looking to spearhead the event, but the Sierra County Fire District #1, a main partner, has voted to put the Tour on ice for the time being. The Tour began in 2008 as a fundraiser for the fire department in Sierraville. Participation grew from a little more than 100 riders in the first year’s event to a sellout registration of 500 at the most recent ride in 2022. It brought thousands of dollars annually to the fire department, and eventually enabled the department to buy its first new fire and rescue truck specifically designed for local fire and rescue calls. Interest remains high, and it is anticipated that 2024 will witness the Tour de Manure’s return to the Sierra Valley. Interested riders should continue to monitor the Tour’s Facebook page for updates, and can check in to the Tour’s website at as well.


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